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Show Don't Tell: How Acting Techniques Improve Writing

Writers can develop their skills in creating vivid characters, realistic dialogue, and dynamic action by immersing themselves in the world of acting, discovering the techniques that actors use to bring words to life in an authentic way. Available as a weekend retreat or all-day workshop.

Learn to think like an actor, “become” your characters, “inhabit” a setting, and hone your insight into motivation. Practice acting exercises from a variety of sources to find new ways to “show don’t tell” and write the truth of a scene both emotionally and physically.

Here are some comments from workshop participants:
"This has been the best - most helpful - workshop I have ever attended."
"The feeling of camaraderie was nothing short of miraculous. But, best of all, are the results. I’ve been burning up the keys this week, applying my inspiration, my renewed energy, and my new-found secrets to the stories within me."

Join the ranks of authors such as Charles Dickens who have used acting techniques to strengthen action and sharpen dialogue. Walk the walk and talk the talk of an actor, and discover ways to breathe more life into your writing, add pizzazz to your school visits, and zing to your media interviews.


Hester studied at the HB Studio in New York and was most recently seen in Godless for Netflix.

Contact Hester for more information on this fun way to study writing!
By mail at:
Hester Bass
7 Avenida Vista Grande, Suite B7, #481
Santa Fe NM 87508-9207